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I was born book and became a bridge. 

When the book "O Menininho Verde" was written and the illustrations of a little boy were created, my mother still didn't know she was pregnant. She discovered it on the release event of her first (and only) book released. So, on that day I started to exist, first as a character in this book and a few months later as a human being.

Since these early days I was sure that my purpose was to be a bridge between stories and people. But that took a while to happen and for me to realize.

Initially I started a psychology course, worked as a waiter in a cafe, as an assistant in a restaurant and eventually becoming an entrepreneur; half by chance, half by a strong motivation to growth. In this journey I experienced 5 businesses in completely different areas & scopes: technology, agriculture, software, tourism and souvenir industry.

After two decades, some of these business went wrong...but things started to succeed when, 12 years ago, my entrepreneurial career finally compromised with this mission of acting as a bridge. 

I became an executive for entertainment and culture, leading innovative projects in format and content, always with a mission to serve as someone who connects and help stories to reach and act on people. In recent years, I led projects that sum more than 10,000 hours of audio content, including audiobooks, podcasts and audioseries.

First moves were at a book publishing house. Next I advanced to create and implement a 100% digital publishing house with content to be read and listened in smartphones. Then I co-founded a marketing agency that established the first hub for creators related to books and received an invitation to be the first latin ambassador of the Frankfurt Book Fair's Business Club, the largest publishing fair in the world.


Between 2018 and 2022, I had the opportunity to implement and lead the local audio streaming operation for one of the largest audiobooks and audioseries apps globally.

As of August 2022, I assumed the position of CMCO - Chief Marketing & Content Officer at Skeelo, the largest multi-format digital reading platform in Brazil, being responsible for the company's marketing and content teams and strategy.

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